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सामाजिक आर्थिक शोध प्रभाग

More Study Reports
Latest studies are in decending order

  1. A Study of Nature, Extent, Incidence and Impact of Domestic Violence Against Women in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  2. Poverty eradication and role of local institutions in comparative perspective : with focus on Kalahandi, Chittoor and Bhojpur- ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  3. Myth and Reality of Poverty in India: Oxus Research and Investment, New Delhi - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  4. The pattern of flow and utilization of plan funds by the karbi anglong autonomous countils in Assam - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  5. Impact of the Tribal Sub-Plan implementation in improving the socio-economic conidition of the Tribal people with special focus on reduction of poverty level covering the states of Assam and Tamil Nadu - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  6. Water policy for drought proofing chhattisgarh >>
  7. Evaluation of National Coaching Scheme of sports authority of india (Southern Region) - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  8. Report on functioning of 'Rural Postal System' including 'Panchayat Sanchar Seva Yojana' - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  9. Study report on The Impact and Prospects of the Community College System in India - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  10. New Development Platforms through information communication technologies for poverty reduction >>
  11. Tail-enders and Other deprived in the Canal Water Distribution - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  12. Priorities of the Poor and Appropriateness of Poverty Alleviation Programmes - A study of Mahububnagar and Prakasam districts of Andhra Padesh - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  13. Socio Economic Barriers in Adoption of Improved Technology in the SSI Sector - MS Word | PDF
  14. Main Findings - A study report on "Pattern of development in India - Andhra Pradesh" - MS Word | PDF
  15. Study on Poverty Planning and Development ( A Case Study of Uttaranchal State) - MS Word | PDF
  16. Evaluation of varied approaches for enabling sustainable and equitable access to drinking water in uttaranchal
    - ZIP(MS Word) | PDF
  17. "Seeds of Hope" conducted by Lokayan>>>
  18. Estimation Loss of Horticulture Produce to Non-availability of Post Harvest and Food processing facilities in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh - MS Word | PDF
  19. Study proposal on Socio Economics of Coral Reef Resources Users in Gulf of Mannar Coast, South India
    ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  20. The Restructuring of the Unorganised Sector in India >>>
  21. Evaluation study of RLTAP in The KBK region in orissa [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  22. Report on comparative backwardness of North Bengal Region [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  23. Research Projects on India- 2025 conducted by Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi (July, 2003)>>>
  24. Development Intervention in Bihar and Preparation of Model Development Plan in Bihar >>>
  25. Economic and Fiscal Impact of Royalty Rates of Coal and Lignite in India [ PDF ]
  26. Study on evaluation Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanghtan(NYKS) scheme in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gurjarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  27. Extent of Unemployment in Border Districts of Punjab: A study of Amritsar district [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  28. Pilot study on water use efficiency for Upper Ganga Canal (Uttar Pradesh) >>
  29. Pilot study on water use efficiency for Western Yamuna Canal (Haryana) >>
  30. Economic and Environmental impact of policy on transportation subsidy to wood-based industries in Andaman and Nicobar Islands [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  31. Village Level Evaluation Study of various Rural Development Schemes in Haryana [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  32. The Personal Income Tax in India: Compliance Costs and Compliance Behaviour of Taxpayers [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  33. Budgetary Subsidies in India: Subsidising Social and Economic Services [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  34. Extent of Unemployment in the Border Districts of Punjab: A Case Study of Rural Ferozepur District [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  35. India's External Trade during the 'Nineties: Some Aspects [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  36. The income tax compliance cost of indian corporations [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  37. Evaluation /Management audit of Central Schemes of NYKS (Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan) in Assam, bihar, orissa, west bengal and manipur [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  38. The Compliance Cost of the Personal Income Tax and its Determinants [ ZIP(MS Word) || PDF ]
  39. A study of unemployment among female graduates in Pune city [ MS Word || PDF ]
  40. How far can Poverty Alleviation Programmes go? Assessments of PAPs in Gujarat [ PDF ]
  41. Impact of national coaching Scheme of Sports Authority of India: A study on sports promotion in the eastern region
    MS Word || PDF ]
  42. Poverty alleviation programmes in Andhra Pradesh - An assessment [ MS Word (1.64MB) || PDF ]
  43. A status and evaluation study of the Upper Primary Section of the elementary education system [ PDF || ZIP ]
  44. Rural Development Programmes and Externalities: A study of seven villages in Tamil Nadu, July 2002
    c) Volume I: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY [ PDF || ZIP ]
  45. In search of a strategy to build a field model to ensure people's participation for sustainable development: Case Study of the DIDAYI [ PDF || ZIP ]
  46. Scheduled Communities: A social Devlopment profile of SC/ST's (Bihar, Jharkhand & W.B) [ PDF || ZIP ]
  47. Social Development in India- The Policy Canvas : An Overview of the Last Fifty Years & Emerging Issues for the Twenty-First Century [ PDF || ZIP ]
  48. Mazdoor Vani Episode 58 to 78 [ PDF || ZIP ]
  49. Impact of Infrastructure created under poverty Alleviation Programme(Maharashtara)- MAITREE, Aurangabad [ PDF || ZIP ]
  50. Non-farm economy and rural development [ PDF || ZIP ]
  51. Countering Uncertainties Strategies for Sustainable Livelihoods: Rajasthan [ PDF || ZIP ]
  52. Anti-poverty Programmes in Uttar Pradesh: An Evaluation [ PDF || ZIP ]
  53. Schemes for children with disabilities:Role of the Panchayati Raj Institutions [ PDF || ZIP ]
  54. A study on Border Area Development Programme (BADP) [ PDF || ZIP ]
  55. Study on growth of Rural Non-Farm Empolyment for selected district of Haryana [ PDF || ZIP ]
  56. A handbook for parents of children with disabilities [ PDF || ZIP ]
  57. Assessment of watershed development programme in Gujarat [ PDF || ZIP ]
  58. A study on management of public expenditure by state governments in India [ PDF || ZIP ]
  59. Report on creating Corporate Success in the N.E. [ PDF || ZIP ]
  60. Report on building External Market Linkages for Enerpreneures in the N.E. [ PDF || ZIP ]
  61. Report on watershed development: Andhra and Karnataka - [ PDF || ZIP ]
  62. Report on Growth and Prospects of the Handloom Industry [ PDF || ZIP ]
  63. Financing Infrastructure Development - India's Stock Market Reform and Regulation [ PDF || ZIP ]
  64. Support from the banking system a case study of Kissan Credit Card [ PDF || ZIP ]
  65. An analysis of the price behaviour of selected Commodities [ PDF || ZIP ]
  66. Educational Development Parameters and the Preparation of Educational Development Index [ PDF || ZIP ]
  67. Public Distribution System of Essential Commodities as a Social Safety Net [ PDF || ZIP ]
  68. Voluntarism and Government: Policy, Programme and Assistance [ PDF || ZIP ]
  69. An Evaluation of Vocational Education Scheme of UGC [ PDF || ZIP ]
  70. Financial Fragility, Asset bubbles, Capital structure and Real rate of growth - A study of the Indian Economy during 1970-2000 [ PDF || ZIP ]
  71. Mazdoorvani - PDF || ZIP
  72. Rural Marketing System in the North Eastern States: Problems, Diagnosis and Strategy Perspective [PDF Format]
  73. Performance of Social Sector Schemes in Rural Areas of Uttar Pradesh
  74. Impact of Social Sector Development in West Bengal - Midnapore and Birbhum districts
  75. An Empirical Study of Poverty Alleviation Programmes in Bihar from Mathura Krishna Foundation for Economic and Social Opportunity and Human Resource Mangement (MAKER), Bihar
  76. Research study proposal of Institute of Resource Management and Economic Development (IRM and ED) on
    "Status, Impact and Determinants of Farmer Participation In Irrigation Management - Publication of Report".
  77. Impact of Various Schemes related to Elementary Education : A Comparative Study of Girls' Literacy in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
  78. Research Study proposals from SEPARD, New Delhi on Development Schemes and their Effectiveness in the States of Madhya Pradesh.
  79. Research Study on Longitudinal Study in Karanataka-Kalpataru Research Foundation, Bangalore.
  80. CINI-OMNI Project on Micronutrient Situation in West Bengal - PDF || ZIP
  81. ISST - Institution of Social Studies Trust - PDF || ZIP
  82. Macarthu - CINI Macarthu Project - PDF || ZIP
  83. Study on Increasing Community Involvement in Reproduction and Child Health Programme - PDF || ZIP
  84. Study Report on Bundelkhand - PDF || ZIP
  85. Assam Report (Maktab) - PDF || ZIP
  86. Bihar Education Project (East Singhbhum) - PDF || ZIP
  87. Bihar Education Project (Ranchi) - PDF || ZIP
  88. Bihar Education Project (Muzaffarpur) - PDF || ZIP
  89. Bihar Education Project (Sitamarhi) - PDF || ZIP
  90. Evaluation of RD Programmes in Gonda District - PDF || ZIP
  91. Panchayati Raj Institutions in India - A Scoping Study for the World Bank - PDF || ZIP
  92. Poverty Alleviation Programmes and Structural Changes in the Rural Economy - PDF || ZIP
  93. Impact Assessment Study of Socio-Economic Development Programmes – A case Study of Himachal Pradesh - PDF || ZIP
  94. Assesment of Poverty Alleviation Schemes in Maharashtra - PDF || ZIP
  95. Social Inputs in Ganjam and Nuapada Districts of Orissa (Ten Village Studies) - PDF || ZIP
  96. Social Inputs in Ganjam and Nuapada Districts of Orissa (Sectoral Overview) - PDF || ZIP
  97. Selected Panchayats in Raipur and Bilaspur Districts (M.P.) - PDF || ZIP
  98. Evaluation of Development Programmes in Barmer Rajasthan - PDF || ZIP
  99. Assessment of Impact of Poverty Alleviation Programmes on Beneficiaries In a Few Selected Villages of Jharkhand
    PDF || ZIP