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Approach to the Twelfth Five Year Plan


Welcome to the Planning Commission’s website for developing the Approach to the Twelfth Plan.

The Twelfth Five Year Plan will commence in 2012-13. Before the Plan itself is unveiled, the Planning Commission normally prepares an Approach Paper which lays out the major targets, the key challenges in meeting them, and the broad approach that must be followed to achieve the stated objectives.

The Approach Paper is approved by the Cabinet and the National Development Council which includes all the Chief Ministers of the States. It provides the architecture which is fleshed out in detail in the Plan itself.

To develop an inclusive and participative approach to the process, the Planning Commission has decided that the Approach Paper will be evolved through a web based consultative process in which all interested persons can participate. We have developed a multi-dimensional strategy matrix which indicates some of the key areas we need to explore.

We invite your comments on any or all of these areas.

Any interested person can participate. Help us plan for a better future for the country.

You may send suggestions at approach-plan[At]nic[dot]in

12th Five Year Plan