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Jammu and Kashmir Development Report

State Plan Division, Planning Commission, Government of India

Particulars PDF File MS Word File
1 Foreward PDF MS Word
2 Introduction by Member S.P. Gupta PDF MS Word
3 Acknowledgment PDF MS Word
4 Preface PDF MS Word
5 Core Committee PDF MS Word
6 Project Team PDF MS Word
7 List of Tables PDF MS Word
8 List of Maps, Diagrams and Boxes PDF MS Word
9 Map of Jammu and Kashmir PDF MS Word
10 State Development Report: Its Relevance PDF MS Word

Executive Summary

12 Chapter 1: Jammu & Kashmir: An Introductory Profile PDF MS Word
13 Chapter 2: Demography PDF MS Word

Chapter 3: Socio-Economic & Administrative Development

a. Economic Sector
b. Social Sector
c. Administrative Sector
ZIP (MS Word)
ZIP (MS Word)
ZIP (MS Word)
15 Chapter 4: Potential Sectors of State Economy PDF ZIP (MS Word)
16 Chapter 5: State Finances PDF MS Word
17 Chapter 6: Border Area Development PDF MS Word
18 Annex PDF ZIP (MS Word)
19 Abbreviations PDF MS Word
20 Field Research: Acknowledgment PDF MS Word
21 References PDF MS Word

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