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5th August, 2010

Planning Commission has constituted an Expert Group under the Chairmanship of Sh. Arun Maira, Member (Industry), Planning Commission and Secretaries of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion and Shri Tarun Das, former Chief Mentor, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Dr. D.H. Pai Panandikar, former Director General FICCI and Shri Kiran Karnik, former President, NASSCOM - as members to examine the process and nature of Government-Industry consultations and recommend measures for improvements.

Planning Commission would like to solicit basic information from Industry and Trade Associations before proceeding further for discussion with representative associations at national, regional/state and sectoral levels. Industry and Trade Associations that largely represent a specific industry/ trade/ service may also directly respond to this Notice and furnish information on incorporation, membership (extent of representation in industry/trade), governance structure, capabilities and collaborative arrangements with outside agencies so that the representative associations can be invited for discussion and their views considered.

The communication may be addressed to Adviser (Industry and VSE), Planning Commission, Room No.214, Yojana Bhavan, New Delhi, within three weeks.

  1. Constitution of the Expert Group: MS-Word || PDF
  2. Minutes of the First meeting of the Expert Group held on 10th June, 2010 : MS-Word || PDF
  3. Minutes of the Second meeting of the Expert Group held on 15th July, 2010 : MS-Word || PDF
  4. List of Industry and Trade Associations contacted by Planning Commission : MS-Word || PDF
  5. Proforma: Information solicited : MS-Word || PDF



Adviser (Industry and VSE),
Planning Commission, Room No.214,
Yojana Bhavan, New Delhi 110001.
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