Background Papers: Vision 2020

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List of Contributors

i. List of Contributors MS Word | PDF
ii. List of Papers MS Word | PDF
iii. List of Universities MS Word | PDF
iv. Parameter 2020 MS Word | PDF
v. Remarks by Shri K.C. Pant, Dy. Chairman, Planning Commission MS Word | PDF
vi. Remarks by Shri S.P. Gupta, Member, Planning Commission MS Word | PDF
vii. Introduction MS Word | PDF
1. Telecom Sector in India- Vision 2020: Dr Manas Bhattacharya MS Word | PDF
2. Mr. P Chaturvedi: Energy MS Word | PDF
3. The profile of the empowered woman: Dr. Sarala Gopalan MS Word | PDF
4. Governance in india(published): Mr M C Gupta MS Word | PDF
5. The International Trading System: Mr. Anwar-ul-Hoda MS Word | PDF
6. Rural Development and Technology Management: Dr. P V Indiresan MS Word | PDF
7. Water- charting a course for the future (published): Prof. Ramaswamy R. Iyer MS Word | PDF
8. Towards a knowledge society: Mr. G. Jacobs MS Word | PDF
9. Infrastructure financing and emerging pattern of urbanisation- a perspective: Prof. Amitabh Kundu MS Word | PDF
10. Water Policy and Action Plan for India 2020- An Alternative: Mr. G N Kathpalia MS Word | PDF
11. Transport: Mr. Mahesh Kapoor MS Word | PDF
12. India's Trade in 2020: A Mapping of Relevant Factors: Dr. Nagesh Kumar MS Word | PDF
13. Sustainability of India's Material Resources: R K Pachauri MS Word | PDF
14. Education: Dr. J S Rajput MS Word | PDF
15. Governance and People's Participation: Dr. H Ramachandran MS Word | PDF
16. Food Security and Nutrition: Dr. R. Radhakrishna MS Word | PDF
17. Mr H S Saksena: Vulnerable Groups MS Word | PDF
18. Maj- Gen. S S Sandhu: Older Persons MS Word | PDF
19. Dr. S K Sarkar:  Energy MS Word | PDF
20. Financial Sector: Dr Rohit Sarkar MS Word | PDF
21. Social Defence: Dr. Hira Singh MS Word | PDF
22. Vision of Peace: Air Comdr. Jasjit Singh MS Word | PDF
23. Trends in Fertility, Mortality, Nutrition and Health indicators: Dr. Padam Singh MS Word | PDF
24. Agriculture Policy: Dr. Panjab Singh MS Word | PDF
25. A set of population projections of india... : Dr. K. Srinivasan MS Word | PDF
26. Health Care in India: Mr. R Srinivasan MS Word | PDF
27. Dr. Krishan Sondhi: Information Technology MS Word | PDF
28. Swami Agnivesh: Child Labour MS Word | PDF
29. Social Dimensions of Long Term Growth: Mr. M C Verma MS Word | PDF
30. The approach (Disabled): Ms Gauri Chatterjee MS Word | PDF
From Planning Commission:
31. Health: Health Division (Dr. Prema Ramachandran, Adviser): Health Nutrition, Population MS Word | PDF
32. Employment: LEM Division (Shailendra Sharma, Adviser), Planning Commission, New Delhi. MS Word | PDF

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