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Summary of Evaluation Studies Conducted By Programme Evaluation Organisation

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  1. Report of the Working Group on Strengthening, Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Social Sector Development Schemes in the Country (10th Five Year Plan), 2001
  2. Proceedings of the conference of Central and State Evaluation Organisation held in New Delhi on 28th July, 1999 and their status papers, 2000
  3. Directory of Evaluation Studies conducted by States/UTs and PEO of Planning Commission, 1998
  4. Manual on Evaluation Advisory Committees/Boards of Programme Evaluation Organisation/States/UTs. 1997
  5. Evaluation Capacities in the States/UTs 1994
  6. Manual on Training in Evaluation Techniques 1994
  7. Documentation Bulletin on Evaluation Studies conducted by State/UT Govts. (1985-86 to 1991-92) and Evaluation Studies conducted by PEO, Planning Commission (1952-1994) 1994
  8. Proceedings and Working Papers of the Second Conference of the Heads of Central and State Evaluation Organisations, New Delhi (7-8,July,1987) 1987
  9. Documentation Bulletins+ABM- of the studies conducted by States/UTs/- Central P.E.O. during the years 1965 to 1984 - 17 in numbers (Binded).- During 1965 to 1984*
  10. Report of the Committee for Review and Strengthening at the Central and State Evaluation Organisations 1980
  11. Report of the Committee for Training in Evaluation - 1979
  12. Proceedings and Papers of the First Conference of the Heads of State Evaluation Organisations, New Delhi.(14-15 November, 1977) 1978

* Sl No. 132 * 17 Documentation Bulletins were brought out/released in: (i) 1965; (ii) December,1966 (iii) May,1968 (iv) March, 1969, (v) September,1969 (vi) January,1970 (vii) May, 1970 (viii) May, 1970 (ix) January,1971 (x)April,1971(xi) November, 1971 (xii) April,1972 (xiii) September,1972 (xiv)February,1974 (xv) February,1974 (xvi) February,1978 and (xvii) February,1984.