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Study Report

Water policy for drought proofing chhattisgarh

Sponsored by the Planning Commission, New Delhi.

S.No. Particulars PDF file
1 Foreword /Acknowledgements/Contents PDF
2 Executive Summary PDF
3 Introduction PDF
4 Chapter 2: State map of Chhattisgarh with block boundaries PDF
5 Chapter 3: Ecological features of Chhattisgarh PDF
6 Chapter 4: Sub-regionalisation into block level ecological typologies PDF
7 Chapter 5: Production system, land use and socio-economic features PDF
8 Chapter 6: Indices of drought proneness and drought vulnerability PDF
9 Chapter 7: Household and village survey PDF
10 Chapter 8: Water strategies for Chhattisgarh PDF
11 Chapter 9: Recommendations for water policy for drought proofing Chhattisgarh PDF
12 Chapter 10: Outlines of a financial strategy for drought proofing PDF
13 Chapter 11: Training PDF
14 Chapter 12: Conclusion PDF
15 Appendix of maps  
  i. Agriculture PDF
  ii. Block Maps PDF
  iii. Soil Detailed PDF
  iv. Drain PDF
  v. Drainage PDF
  vi. Forest PDF
  vii. Population PDF
  viii. Rainfall PDF
  ix. Slope PDF
  x. Soil of Chhattisgarh PDF
  xi. Typology PDF