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Dimapur in need to ‘confront constraint of poverty’

Kohima, February 3: While Dimapur may be considered one of the most developed districts in Nagaland, it "still needs to confront the constraint of poverty." This was stated in the Dimapur District Human Development report, a Government of India-UNDP project ‘Bridging inequalities towards human development.’

Due to better infrastructural facilities, educational facilities, employment opportunities, etc., migration into Dimapur district from across Nagaland State and neighboring States, has increased at an exponential rate leading to escalation of the urban poor in the district.

The present study has not adequately delved into the number, problems and issues of urban poor, such as hunger, malnutrition, homelessness, education, health, livelihood, unemployment, child labour and vulnerability to being both perpetrators and or victims of crimes, human trade etc. of the urban poor, as well as lack of food and basic amenities.

"A corollary study of the need for increased and improved infrastructure and services due to increasing and continuous migration into Dimapur district has also not been done," stated the report. It also added that when a district fails to provide human security in terms of the bare-essentials for dignified human living, it becomes fertile grounds for discontent and ultimately social, economic and political upheavals.

The report stated the need for an in-depth study on migration into Dimapur district from both within the State and from neighboring countries cannot be over emphasized.

"Till such time migration studies are conducted and a number arrived at, census figures would be incorrect, which in turn would adversely affect funds for development and as natural corollary adversely affect the quality of development consequently the district’s economic development, which would further adversely impact on the district’s human security and development status," the report breathlessly observed.

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Dimapur in need to ‘confront constraint of poverty’

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